Design stage drawings

This stage of the project is often the most enjoyable. We will outline a brief after discussing your requirements and desires. With the brief and the information from our survey of the property we will start drawing up proposals.

These will be influenced by the context of the site: the local materials; orientation of the sun; seasonal changes; precedents (examples of similar schemes in the area) and other considerations, for example, there may be a desire for a scheme that has minimal environmental impact

This process will vary according to the planning requirements. A sketch scheme of the proposals will be agreed with you in the early stages and then an appropriately scaled package of drawings would follow.

This would be submitted for Planning Permission, which is normally approved. In the unlikely event there are local objections and the scheme has to be altered this can incur further fees.

However, changes are usually minor and will only take a few hours of work to adjust the plans. If it is a controversial scheme, for example an office tower in the suburbs, then you should expect a lengthier process.

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